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  1. Oh, well, problem solved! I got frustrated and banged it on my desk. Works now! Miraculous.
  2. Oh, update. I disabled my touchpad (My laptop is my computer - just hooked up to a monitor. It is cheap and it works for me, I dont do heavy gaming so i dont need a beasty tower) And when i disabled it, the Devastator moved the cursor! For about five seconds. So I know the mouse works, and my computer supports it, so I dont know whats going on. I do have other mice I can use, but I like this one! its comfy and has the extra clicky buttons Ive missed since my last Nice Mouse died, lol And yea -- ive restarted the computer. First thing I tried.
  3. Hey yall. My brother just gave me his used storm keyboard and mouse. I'm no means an expert on things like this, but I know the mouse isnt behaving how it should. It works completely, lights, dpi, scroll wheel, clicking, side buttons... except the cursor doesnt move at all. I can click and manipulate with it so long as I don't have to move the cursor to do so. When I first plugged it in, it moved, but about ten seconds later it stopped and hasn't worked since, haha. I know the mouse works with my computer because my brother has the same computer and it worked fine there. Mine's in better chape than his. No USB ports are messed up and the mouse is operational except for the static cursor.