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  1. Final update: I buy a MasterCase Pro 3 and for cooling the 8700k I choose the aio Seidon 240v, to mount on the top. Thanks Mohd Noh for suggesting the MasterCase series, great cases!
  2. Thank you for advice. I'm persuading myself that N200 is too small for seidon 120v v3 plus, because of the thickness of the cooler.... I prefer N400 to N300, but I'll surely take a look at the mastercase series as you suggest.
  3. Hello everybody, I would like to ask you a question about case Cooler Master N200 before buying it. I'm going to build a new system with a 8700k and I'm looking for this case with aio liquid cooling, the Seidon 120v v3 plus. My question is: putting the seidon on the rear is there enough space for the two fans and the radiator? or the second can't be mounted because of the pump on the cpu? In the N200 page I see only photos with 120v with one fan... and I'm not able to undestrand if there's enough space for the second fan... The alternative could be the N400 case... but i prefer the smaller N200. Thank you for helping.