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  1. I tried reinstalling it twice, still very loud. I haven't tried other water cooling systems if that's what you mean, but I have 3 air fans which are all 100 times less noisy. everything is connected correctly. I haven't used any controlling software for the fans, so I'm unaware of the % of speed they are running with. I'll try and get some pictures uploaded
  2. I have the masterbox 5 lite rgb chassis. It's installed behind the front fans. It's the only place to install it. I read both posts before I made my post but they dont give any answers. The pump IS working just fine. It's just very loud and I'm confused bcs its supposed to be the opposite
  3. I installed the MLL 240 a few hours ago and I'm sitting here thinking it's really, really, REALLY noisy. One of the reasons I went for the MLL 240 is that it's supposed to be really quite. It's my first watercooling build so I might have done something wrong, though I'm perplexed as to what it would be. The cooler works just fine and it seems to be good at that but my god the noise . It's like any other fan sound, just LOUD. Is this normal or have I installed it incorrectly ? Hope for some help here.