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  1. I was using first Xornet for years and it was the best mouse I had. Unfortunately I started to have problems with left mouse button (sometimes clicks weren't registered) so I got Xornet 2 (was thinking about MM520 but shape is too different, mouse seems larger and longer). Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem. The mouse feels EXTREMELY slippery. When I put my hand on Xornet 1 it feels like I don't have to put any pressure at all to lift the mouse up. It's like it's glued to my hand. Xornet 2, on the other hand, feels super slippery and I can't seem to get a nice and comfortable grip on it. Does anyone had similiar issues when moving from V1 to V2? Does the material get more "sticky" once it's used a bit more? At this point I'm thinking about returning it since it's still new. Any advices?