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    Elite 130 and SSD's under MB

    I have bought enough spare parts to almost build a second system while trying to diagnose what part failed in my system. Turns out it was the i7-6700 4.0 Skylake processor. It was only a year old and thankfully it has a three year warranty so it's on the way back to Intel for a replacement. However, since I have all these new parts, I've decided to rebuild this system with the new updated hardware. I did cut out the bottom on the case and welded in a mesh panel on the lower outside to allow more ventilation, and also comfort in knowing the new MSI z270i pro carbon mother board would have some breathing room especially since I was also upgrading to using a Samsung 512 960pro m.2 drive that mounts underneath the board. New System specs: Cooler Master Elite 130 case, with modified ventilation under the mother board MSI z270i Pro Carbon Motherboard Samsung 512g 960 pro m.2 SSD (boot, minor programs, and Warcraft drive) Intel i7-7700 4.2 Kabby Lake Corsair h55 quiet edition water cooler, using cooler master's stock fan that came in the case G.Skill Ripjaws V - 32 gigs of ram (overkill, should of only gone with 16 gigs) EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6-gig SSC ACX 3.0 video card EVGA G2 650 watt ATX power supply (looking at the G3 version to upgrade for more air room inside case) Seagate 2tb Firecuda (programs, games, and files drive) ASUS internal 5.25" blue-ray drive Two Cooler Master "silent 80mm" fans, one mounted in stock side panel shooting across the MB, and the other sitting next to it blowing across the memory and HD area. (I used some of the double sided foam padding that was supplied with the cpu cooler to keep the fan in place.) System temps at idle: (Room temp stays around 68-70 f ) Cpu: 33 c Motherboard: 45 c PCH: 56 c Memory: 32 c GPU: 44 c (fans only turn on when I play games) No issues with heat when playing games, fans will start to wind up, but I have them all set to be at full throttle when the components hit 70 c. Still fairly quiet with the fan setup and that is with a totally quiet room.
  2. ifly2high

    Elite 130 and SSD's under MB

    I have and Elite 130 case that I'm using and it looks like my MB has died. I noticed that under the MB area the case protrudes up just a little bit and was wondering if I could use the new style MB's that have the SSD's located underneath them. I have given some thought about cutting out the bulge and then re lining it with a mesh from the underside to give a bit more clearance and air flow. I have an Intel 750 SSD that I connect to a U.2 port, but all the latest MB's have stuck with the M.2 plugs. There is certainly no room for the intel M.2 connector board to fit under the board as it is, but I could go for a new MB with a 960 pro card but will it fit? Any thoughts on this? Thanks