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  1. Mohd Noh; Thank you for the support. The first link (Liquid Cooling: Where do I connect the Fans and Pump?) did the trick. On my Mobo (GA-Z77X-D3H) has a 3 pin port under the CPU fan port labeled DAJP1. I had connected the pump to that port, which allows the system to start, but does not power the pump. I have since moved it to System Fan 2 port. Idle CPU temp now under 30°C.
  2. I bought a brand new ML120L (from Amazon) and installed as per the instructions. It does not seem to working properly. Looking for some troubleshooting help. The ML120L started up fine. All lights worked. Fan started, etc. From boot up, my CPU temp would climb steady, even at idle, to 105°C! with the ML120L installed. I have since reinstalled the stock heat sink, the CPU temps have now stabilized under 50°C. Same thermal paste used to install the ML120L, and then reinstalling the stock heat sink. Stock Heat Sink before = 50°C ML120L = 105°C! Stock Heat Sink reinstalled = 50°C System Info Intel i5-3750K @ 3.4 GHz (not overclocked, was planning too with installation of ML120L) Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Mobo 16Gb Ram GTX760 2Gb Video card 750W gold Power Supply