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  1. G750M power supply fan replacement

  2. G750M power supply fan replacement

    Hi @Mohd Noh Juat wonderibg if you have any info for me on the fan? Thanks.
  3. G750M power supply fan replacement

    On the receipt where I bought the psu from, the warranty ended a couple of months ago, september I think. So I went with that and opened it.. I kbow what that means.. Thanks for the help with the fan!
  4. HAF 922 front fan

    Not an error, first you take the front pannel off and then you can access the fan. You can also fit 2x120mm fans.
  5. USB 3.0 HAF922

    Where did you find the usb 3.0?
  6. Hello, I have a CM psu and its very loud. I recently got fed up with the noise and decided to open it up, (since my warranty is over on my receipt, having now found out cooler master will still accept my product.. but hey ). The fan in the psu looks to be a chinese fan and not a cooler master one, and is freaking loud. I want to replace it, anybody know where I can get a replacement fan, or should I just buy any fan, and solder the wires?