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  1. Thanks for your assistance, I didn't want to be that guy that just opened a bunch of tickets I was trying to be patient. My old ticket is #00115191 and the new ticket #00117570
  2. I am patient its now MARCH, I wish I could just call someone. I am jumping through hoops without luck. Can you see the tickets? Would you advise starting another round of tickets?
  3. My case arrived with a cracked window. I opened a ticked with all the details including a receipt. I was told I needed to submit a part request and register the product but serial was not registering. Guided next back to the ticket to request they manually add the serial, I posted pictures but no one has responded. I check back from time to time for an update and nothing. I have provided more than enough info. Ticket #00115191, maybe I need to start new tickets.