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  1. mannimal

    Fan Control?

    Thank you! I made the change, but it is still very loud. How do I connect with customer service live?
  2. mannimal

    Fan Control?

    Hello! Thanks for the reply. Type of cooling? I have the Cooler Master 212 LED installed. I installed it by following the directions...used Antec Formula 7 Nano Diamond thermal compound. I have a fan directly above the cooler and behind it in the case. Does this help?
  3. mannimal

    Fan Control?

    Hey All! I have a MSIZ97 mobo with an Intel I7 4770 chip in it. Recently upgraded intel fan to the CM 212. As I type this, no problem, fan is running very quiet. I am not gaming right now or doing anything outside net browsing. The side panel is also off. However, my issue is that the fan gets very loud. When I go into the MSI bios, can't control. Also, tried controlling the fan speed from the MSI Command Center, still no luck. The chip is not running hot. Welcome any suggestions to troubleshoot this. Thank you!