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    RGB Controller Not Recognized

    OK I am also going to check that each fan individually works on the RGB Header while doing that too.

    RGB Controller Not Recognized

    More pictures for you all to view. Let me know if I made some mistake. Pictures: 1) Case overall 2)Cooler Master RGB LED Controller 3)140 mm CM MasterFan Pros (2) 4)120 mm CM MasterFan Pros (1) 5)140 mm CM MasterFan Pros (1) 6)USB 2.0 port connected to USB 2.0 header (I've tried both)

    RGB Controller Not Recognized

    I am using the usb 2.0 header, all fans are plugged in and everything according to the manual. I have tried calling customer service several times and even made a ticket which is open but nothing further. I have tested my motherboard's usb 2.0 headers and they both do indeed work.

    RGB Controller Not Recognized

    The instructions say to use a USB 2.0 header which this mobo has. Are you saying to not use that and try the RGB Header?

    RGB Controller Not Recognized

    I just purchased 3 140 mm rgb case fans that come with the controller along with a 120mm rgb fan separate. The fans light up and spin, cooler master symbol lights up, but the software (v1.03) does not recognize the controller and asks me to "plug in my CM device."