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  1. Hello and thank you for your response. Looking at that picture you linked, this person has installed the pins on the one side correctly and on the other side upside down. Imagine all 4 of them installed correctly but as soon as the two pins on the right hand side lock in on the mobo, the pins on the other hand side won't lock in even using big amounts of force. I don't think force should be an issue, have I done something wrong on the installation of the screws?
  2. Hey everybody, so I bought a TX3 evo cooler and I followed all the instructions but when it came down to installing it, as soon as the pins on it's one side would mount the pins on it's other side wouldn't, even using extreme force. I tried installing both inside the case and outside and I also tried the screw configuration for other types of CPUs (I have an i5 8400) but it still wouldn't mount. Could it be defective or am I doing something wrong? All the youtube videos I saw on TX3 installations either leave the mounting part out or make it look easy.