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  1. I'm sure your doing what you can from Malaysia and i thank you for it but please understand how frustrating this is. I submitted the part request 10 days ago. I have i received no feed back from CM that would even indicate if i am looking at a delay or a week more or months more....
  2. Hi, I'm in Canada. I ordered a master liquid pro 140 in January from newegg. After realizing that i needed the am4 bracket i ordered it from direct Canada (newegg dosn't carry it). direct Canada is, apparently, going out of business so i don't think i ever get it that way (lost 10$) . before the cooler master north America store site when down i tried to order it from their but their site but they wouldn't ship to Canada. after i figured out that I'll never get my direct canada order I contacted customer support on the phone and they suggested i create an account on fanzone and request the part that way. I did so, requested the part, and have been waiting for 5 days - my request still says "pending" which i assume means that they haven't even looked at it. At this point I've been waiting weeks and weeks and don't have any idea about a time line for getting this stupid bracket. I've been trying to get though on their Canada phone line but they arn't answering their phone anymore. I have created a support ticket to try to find out what is going on. No luck / no response. Does anybody know of any alternative sources for the kit that will ship to Canada? does anybody know what is going on at cooler master?!?!