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  1. Extremely disappointed that my RMA request was Rejected. How can CoolMaster dispute the warranty date when it's clearly printed out on the receipt. For a $60 power supply, you lost the trust of a company and all the employees and clients we are associated with.
  2. I submitted a RMA request ticket 00115299 on Jan 24, 2017. I included a receipt showing that there is a 3 year warranty on the Power Supply. I got a message reply saying that it is NOT covered under warranty. Our company has been trying to call customer service and the RMA department everyday since the response and we can't get through. We've left numerous messages and I replied back to the ticket with no response. I even opened a new ticket 00115691 hoping someone would reply back but still nothing. I'm not simply a customer but a owner of a tech firm. Should this level of poor service and unresponsiveness continue, I cannot continue to purchase or recommend their product further. I hope our RMA issue gets responded to and resolved before it escalates as our next step is to report this to the Competition Bureau under Misleading Warranties and Guarantees.