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  1. Thank you. My case has a flat top and isn't raised like yours The only fans I have are the two at the front blowing thru the radiator and the one at the back that evacs that case.
  2. I bought a Masterbox Pro 5 about a month ago to go along with my MasterLiquid 240 . Due to a lack of any real directions on either the case or the cooler I had to write in for help. I got a quick answer and immediately got things sorted out . My issue now is that I want to add RGB fans but due to the fact that the radiator is mounted inside the case and the fans are mounted in pusher configuration on the other side of the mounting bracket , I need to know which series RGB fan would be most effective between the Air Flow, Air Balance or Air Pressure?? Oh and should I upgrade the rear case fan to something better while I'm at it? Thanks ahead of time Stan
  3. I got it, once I removed the cage, I saw the space. Thank you for all your help. Cooler Master does need to step up it's game when it comes to instructions/documentation. Thanks Again Stan
  4. Ok, but where would I mount my hd's , it's bad enough that I had to ditch my DVD, and how would I mount the fans?? The documentation that comes with the case leaves a lot to be desired. Thank you Stan
  5. Hello, The MasterBox Pro 5 has a solid top (no venting) , I bought the wrong case. I have room to put it in the front of the case but in order to push air out, I'd have to mount the fans inside and they wouldn't be visible through the front . Right now I have them mounted where I'd like them but I think they are pushing air into the box. Oh, is there an optional bracket that I'm supposed to get? Thanks Stan
  6. I'm trying to install a MasterLiquid 240 in my Master Pro 5 case but I can't figure out how. Help !!!!!!