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  1. I have an Asus Z270F Board which has 2x RGB 12v Headers. Supporting 5050RGB Max power of 2A / 12V. I have an assortment of Coolermaster RGB Fans i wish to use. How many (R4-C1DS-20PC-R1) Masterfan MF120R Rgb fans can i connect Per header ? I read most headers could safely power multiple, However cannot find the power draw of the RGB itself listed on CM Site.
  2. Hey, So i have the CMstorm Black, and love it. Best case, hands down (imo) However, because im an idiot, i tried jiggerin' around inside the case while the pc was running, and caught my hand on the top fan. Broke a fin, and now its all munted. Before i go dismantling, has anyone replaced theirs, and what fan did you replace with. I would just like to ensure i can get the right size / screw mounts etc etc.