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  1. Yes the fans are original fans from the kit, together with the screws that are at least 2mm too short, with the pump lead that wont reach the header. Incidentally, I took the screws to an engineer and he said they where 3.4mm thread with a 3.8mm shaft, and you cant make them or buy them anywhere. I have been asking them the thread size and length of the screw since day 1 but they never say anything appart from "we dont have longer screws". Another interesting point is that the screws are not the same length and when looked at under a microscope the engineer showed me they had been cut, and where indeed different lengths. But once again, after asking him 3 times, (guy from CM support) to measure the screw and tell me what thread it is....... nothing, they answer this question with...... "They SHOULD be long enough". Mohd Dzuld, thankyou for trying but this is the worst service I have ever experienced from a tech company. Will never use Cooler Master again or recommend their products to clients or friends.
  2. The 280 comes with a rubber gasket, the reason for this gasket is to stop vibration and provide a much better seal, yours should also come with one. I applied around 50kilos of pressure to the damn screw head with a screwdriver, it comes nowhere near engaging with the screw thread on the radiator. I am in contact wi CM support now, I guess the christmas period they lost my emails, all of them. I was able to open a ticket after finding the serial code, not on the pump, radiator or the pump fan lead, but in the bottom of the box on a large piece of plastic, about 4 x 1 cm. When I put this in the product registration then I was able to create a ticket, great. I would love them to show me a picture of a tape measure on their screws and radiator then explain how a 28mm screw attatches a grommet that is 1mm thick and a 28mm thick fan to a screw thread that is recessed by around 0.5mm in the radiator. The screw needs to be 30mm its simple. A 28mm screw does not attatch a fan and grommet to thier radiator even if you apply 100 kilos of force to the screw head! Another thing, I have asked 3 times if the screw is M3 or 6/32 shaft and thred but they havent got back to me with that either. I must admit their replies have been reasonably prompt now, it's just they don't know their own product! I also asked if it was ok to attatch a pump header extension lead as it was'nt long enough to reach the motherboard header.... His response was... "It should be". I mean it's rediculous he clearly did'nt read me question at all. Anyway I tried to stretch it and the pump header ripped out of the back of the pump. So now I have to ask again, I suppose it's possible English is'nt their first language.
  3. Been trying for 4 weeks to get anything from customer services.... perhaps you should employ some first before suggesting to people that they should contact you. I also cant register my product, it says the serial number does not match the item. Checked with CCL and its right, so how do you register a CM product when your site tells me it isnt recognised. Also how come nobody answers a phone at cooler master, are you guys in financial trouble or something else like moving offices? I have had this product for six weeks and no help at all from CM! Very dissappointed and will never buy a CM product again, will also make sure none of my clients or friends do! You dont run a business like this, your performance and customer service is non existent!
  4. How does a 28mm fan screw, ( thread tip to scew head ) attatch a 28mm thick fan and your 1mm thick grommet into one of your radiators? I only just see the screw thread while inside the fan, but the grommet means that I would need to squash the fan by at least 5mm to attatch each screw! Am I supposed to cut off the rubber ontop of the fan? But then what happend if I want to change to a push pull and I have already hacked the fans to bits. I have tried forcing the thick head of the screw into the rubber but then the screw no longer turns. The screw is not long enough to go through the fan!