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  1. nonumpadpro

    RMA Time ( Solved )

    Correct, my new keyboard has been shipped and my issue has been solved.
  2. nonumpadpro

    RMA Time ( Solved )

    It is good news to get an update
  3. nonumpadpro

    RMA Time ( Solved )

    Update for anybody that may come across this, keyboard shipped on Friday 2/16
  4. nonumpadpro

    RMA Time ( Solved )

    So my RMA for my keyboard has been set at "goods in" for a week now, my product only took two days to arrive via USPS and an extra day to be set at "goods in". It's been a week now and it would be appreciated if at the least I could get a deadline for my product. I do not want to wait a month for a keyboard.