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  1. This has not seemed to go anywhere, but I am looking for the same part. Has anyone found a solution, or modified multiple kits to work? It would seem Vassil was asking about whether he has found one or not. The vertical mounting would not in any way change airflow dynamics over having one or two GPU's assuming case was wide enough to accomodate them at the same distance apart normal SLI'd GPU's fit in the slots. they take up a similar square area for 2 cards and thus while shifted lower (which may suffer airflow dynamic problems from cages for HDD&SDD's) that is not a problem in the mounting but rather case designs; most cards by nvidia are pull references, and thus it would actually be better for heat dissipation to be vertically mounted instead of pumping hot air down out of it and expecting the air to magically float back up around it without building up turbulence hitting the 2nd card; now the heat will hit the 2nd card but have a much less obstructed place to go.