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  1. I put in my support ticket on 19-Jan-2018 and still no response Two more days and it will be two weeks.
  2. Doesn't seem like customer services will assist me. I submitted my ticket a week ago (19-Jan-2018) and no response
  3. Thanks for the info Alex! I found the DC setting buried in the Advanced settings on my ASRock Z370 Pro4. I did change it to DC. But no changes that I can tell. Still get the rise and fall sound. Still having 85C or higher temps when running Prime95. I'm going to do a replacement via Amazon and see if a different unit will work better. Still have not heard anything from my support ticket. I have to admit I'm pretty disappointed that after a week support has not responded to my ticket.
  4. I have a MasterLiquid Lite 120 and it keeps making noises. I have an i7-8700K and when I run Prime95 the temperature gets up into the 85C range on it, which I feel is too high. At idle it is about 33C. The noises also worry/annoy me. It will be silent for a few seconds and then I hear whirring from the closed case for a few seconds and then silent for a few seconds and repeat. This is at idle. I submitted a support ticket on 19-Jan-2018 and I have not gotten any response