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  1. I could connect the pump to a chassies_fan port, but that wouldn't make any difference concidering that all my chassies_fan ports are 4 pin, and only 2 out of 3 chassies_fan ports are manageble from BIOS. My motherboard is "asrock z170 pro4s". Im starting to think that it's not really compatible with water cooling..... Should probably have researched a little more before I bought the 120 Lite @Mohd Dzuld is it normal for pumps to make a little bit of noise when they're new? Or could it just be air bubbles? It doesn't sound like it, but you never know...
  2. I just installed the Master Liquid 120 Lite. Is it supposed to run at 100% all the time? Since it's a 3 pin connector it doesn't work with PWM? The reason i bought this item was because my previous air-fan was loud, but the 120 Lite pump is even louder....