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  1. water8witch

    Fans + LEDs will not work

    I have put in 3 request for the same problems with the GPU and Top fan cables. With no response. Even called them 3 times and left my information to have tech support to call me back but nothing. I heard there was a upgrade too but Cooler Master will not respond. How do you get a hold of them. Paid all this money and even their own fans outside of the ones with the case don't work.
  2. water8witch

    Fans + LEDs will not work

    I have a similar problem. The HD fan controller cables work fine but the GPU fan and Top fan cables do not work. Verifed the problem with the HD fans DEAD. Just submitted a ticket. Also the fan controller connectors will not work with Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 fans. Make all kinds of rattling noise too. I heard there was a upgrade to the control panels.