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  1. 10 hours ago, Mohd Dzuld said:

    Hi Kenneth ,

    Since you bought from Amazon , i would like suggest you to contact them ( Amazon ) but at the same time i want you touch CM customer services ( get an advice from them )


    So my problem is, I have the thing installed and only need the fan. (Amazon route)


    1. Do not want to tear apart my kit.


    The site doesnt recognized my SN so they sent me an email to submit a picture with the ticket.


    2. Cant submit a picture, because i cant open up ticket, because i cant register the product! There is no drop down for me to load the picture of the SN?


    Contacting manufacturer shouldn't be this hard.

  2. The fan that came with the kit was dead out of the box (from amazon) - and i put in the serial number off the box, and it wont recognize, so i cant put in a request to get help!

    Im having a terrible experience with this whole process. Any help?