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  1. thankyou bro but i dont understand what to do with the ticket matter when i click on the link it goes to the where i dont understand what to do plz post any other link for COOLER MASTER V850 PINOUT diagram so that i can make 24 pin ATX connector thanks
  2. WASSALAM brother i am from pakistan
  3. hi sir how are you? i hope u will be fine but i am not fine because i lost all my connectors of COOLER MASTER V850 (RS-850-AFBA-G1) can you plz guide me how to make connectors for my PSU specially the 24 pin MOTHERBOARD connector because i can't understand that which pin is for GREEN (PS_ON) cable and which pins for other powers like cable for POWER OK SIGNAL, STAND BY SIGNAL, and other voltages plz help me THANKS IN ADVANCE