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  1. Dmitriy

    Support ticket

    OK, just applied for fans replace. Thank you Mohd
  2. Dmitriy

    Support ticket

    Mohd, nobody assist me with my ticket anymore, i've got only 1 reply. Thank you for your help anyway.
  3. Dmitriy

    Support ticket

    Mohd, you don't have to be sorry for someone else.
  4. Dmitriy

    Support ticket

    Hi Scott. If you check threads you will find a lot questions about technical support and tickets left without any response (including mine). Forget about technical support.... make return if you have any serious issues with product.
  5. Hi John, i also try to reach Tech. Support team during last month. Only 1 reply. I guess: Cooler Master do not provide proper tech_support any more. May be financial difficulties? Another disappointment for IT community
  6. Ticket was been open since 01/19/18. I've got only 1 reply after waiting 72hours and reminding Moderator. Nobody answer me back after first answer and adding new comment. I expect better support from CoolerMaster, disappointment close by already.
  7. 100% The source of noise is fans. Sorry, I know how is the pump sounds. Currently, radiator and fans are installed on the front of case. (fans (intake) + rubber gasket + radiator)
  8. I am using MasterLiquid Pro 280. No complains at all, but After installation to the top fans starts makes noise. I tried to loose and tight screws, but nothing helps. Feels free if you have any suggestions how to resolve this problem. I'd like install AIO to the top of rig. Should i open ticket with Tech_support? Thank you,