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  1. That would be the Ammo. The part number is RC-533-SWN1
  2. The HAF-X is not EOL but it's possible that shops are waiting for the revised version of the HAF-X (with actual USB 3.0 support).
  3. You talk about passion for modding, humbleness and respect ....and then you stab another great modder in the back? Sorry but that's how it feels like to me.
  4. Absolutly awsome mod, looks amazing and I love the custom rad!
  5. You might want to adjust the fan speed in your bios. It will make the temp go up but since your temps are good it can't hurt if they go up a little.
  6. You already won dude! This mode is abosolutely fantastic
  7. Dude this is awesome... but do you even have a bike license??
  8. We have several side panels available on the European webshop:
  9. looks very good so far, will be waiting for your next update
  10. For the scout rear fan you need to connect two cables. One for the leds and one for the power.
  11. So far i'm really liking this contest. A lot of very unique mods. very nice
  12. Your paintwork is very original and I have not seen it done before, it does however require a very distinguished taste. I really like how you take it to the next level, those blocks are awesome. It's all in the details
  13. The 1156 bracket is also compatible with 1155
  14. Wowsers what a monster! Very nice!
  15. I'm not sure if I find this an improvement for this particular case, I will have to see when its finished but I do love the custom "engine block" you build
  16. According to the spec list the V^GT is 165mm high. The following cases should have enough clearance (in some cases you might need to remove the side panel fan): Cosmos 186mm Cosmos S 154mm (with fan) - 169 (without fan) ATC 840 189mm 590 140mm (with fan) - 165 (without fan) - close but it will fit 690 140mm (with fan) - 165 (without fan) - close but it will fit 932 172mm (with fan) 922 190mm Elite 310 167mm I don't have the exact numbers but the following cases should also be possible: 692 / Centurion 5-2 / HAF-X
  17. We had a damaged CSX case standing around which we couldn't sell because of the damage. To not let this case go to waiste we decided to sponser it to a casemodder. You can follow his build logs here: ... p?t=263325 ... cker-8635/ Teaser:
  18. That waterfall in the right side panel is very need!
  19. This case has been phased out for a while now and unfortunately we no longer have any parts for this case outside the USB card.
  20. It's available on the European web shop: ... cts_id=249
  21. I agree... the case looks way better when its black on the inside!
  22. The fan I'm holding now needs at max about 5W so I don't think adding another fan will give you any problems. Most fans come with a double sided molex connector, which means you can connect it to any molex connector on the power supply without losing a connection.