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  1. That would be the Ammo. The part number is RC-533-SWN1
  2. The HAF-X is not EOL but it's possible that shops are waiting for the revised version of the HAF-X (with actual USB 3.0 support).
  3. You talk about passion for modding, humbleness and respect ....and then you stab another great modder in the back? Sorry but that's how it feels like to me.
  4. Absolutly awsome mod, looks amazing and I love the custom rad!
  5. You might want to adjust the fan speed in your bios. It will make the temp go up but since your temps are good it can't hurt if they go up a little.
  6. You already won dude! This mode is abosolutely fantastic
  7. Dude this is awesome... but do you even have a bike license??
  8. We have several side panels available on the European webshop:
  9. looks very good so far, will be waiting for your next update
  10. For the scout rear fan you need to connect two cables. One for the leds and one for the power.
  11. So far i'm really liking this contest. A lot of very unique mods. very nice
  12. Your paintwork is very original and I have not seen it done before, it does however require a very distinguished taste. I really like how you take it to the next level, those blocks are awesome. It's all in the details