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  1. Their support is pretty disappointing. Between their crappy claim of AM4 "compatibility", and their support randomly picking who they help and who they tell to shove off, I am done with CoolerMaster.
  2. I don't think getting a response is the issue, its the problem that some are being allowed to get the bracket, and others like myself are being flat out told that there is no bracket.
  3. That's messed up, support flat out told me that there was no way to make it sit horizontal. This is making me dislike Cooler Master even more now.
  4. Dear Joseph, We apologize, but the Hyper 212 LED can only be vertically mounted on AM4 motherboards. CM Support Yeah, that was a lot of help. No more CoolerMaster for me anymore. If they would have just gone about it the right way and make a proper backplate, this wouldnt be an issue.
  5. Add me to the list of people who regret buying this. I specifically bought it because it had good ratings, a good company name behind it, and said it was AM4 ready. At the time I bought it I wasn't sure if I was going Ryzen or Coffee Lake for my next system, but with the recent announcements with the Intel chips I would like to go Ryzen. Really wish I would have found this thread before I bought it, so disappointing. Poor claim of AM4 compatibility, it looks like half of the boards the clip isn't long enough, and the ones that it does work on you get forced into a vertical orientation. Now I have to buy another cooler before I start on my build, and it wont be a CoolerMaster.