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  1. I am not very experienced with the hyper 212x and the am4 bracket, but maybe try placing the cooler so the fan goes upwards, it won't cause hot air being blown into the cpu cooler. As hot air also rises, the fan will block air on it's own (creating slightly higher temperatures when the fan is rotating to the side. correct me if this is wrong). The fan will force hot air out sideways and theoretically half of the air will be travelling towards your rear fan. Assuming you have the money (due to the 1700x, 32/64gb of ram and a gtx 1080?) ,another option is to buy a Masterliquid 120/240 to remove the problem with this heatsink. If they both are not working or you don't like watercooling, then ask for help in a nearby electronics store who may assist you for a price.
  2. If pcpartpicker says it is compatible, it is compatible. But the t2 is not needed, the wraith spire/wraith stealth are great coolers for the chosen cpus and allow for some overclocking (this is not an option for the r5 1600x and r7 1700x or better).