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  1. Scott

    Support ticket

    It has been officially 4 weeks since I submitted my ticket. Thought I'd update yall
  2. Scott

    Support ticket

    It has officially been 14 days. 2 weeks! Since I submitted my ticket. Absolutely nothing still. Christ on a bike cooler master.......
  3. Scott

    Support ticket

    If anyone is interested: it has been 7 days since I submitted my ticket. And it has been 3 days since I had posted this thread. And I have no answer to show for my time. 100 percent unimpressed with cooler masters team.
  4. Hey, so it's been 4 days since I submitted a ticket requesting support. No answer. How long does it usually take? (3 work days)
  5. Hey, thanks for replying. Yea it's 32 gb and a 1080. I know the components of the system are kind of... Spicey? And this was one of the cost cutting measures i took. And having 47 degrees c at idle is Rough. I am sure you are right that the rear fan would Rob the airflow from the cooler the way it is. Regarding water cooling, I like the idea and have space for it clearly, I wasn't impressed with my h100i on my last rig i7 920. Still throttles hard with mag fans from corsair.
  6. Hey I'm doing a ryzen 1700x on an Asus x370 board. Got the new bracket for the 212x for am4 and installed it but the cooler, for the life of me, can only be installed horizontally. Airflow to the top of the case from pcie slots. Is there another way of installing this cooler to match rear exhaust?