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  1. already did on the phone, and through the online thing I filled in but im tired of going in circles Just putting it down to very bad experience and looking else where for a new cooler.
  2. My master pro 240 decided to leak fluid everywhere, wrecking my CPU & motherboard. I cant be bothered with the hastle, time & expense of sending my components to another country to make a claim which would likely be rejected on some technicality so I have just bought new 1s. But it would of been nice to have had the cooler that caused all my issues repaired or replaced. I did pay quite allot of money for it for But no my RMA is rejected and I am palmed off back to the retailer, who had already said it was beyond the point of return and pointed me to the manufacturer.
  3. What was the outcome of this, I have found my self in a similar situation.