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  1. I contacted to COOLER MASTER'S customer services 2 months ago but they don't answer me... SWINDLER MASTERSSSSSSSS
  2. Ok, but on AMAZON when you sell product you lie to customer about supporting LGA 775, I didn't check socket support information on official website, because I trust you when I bought your product. So you loose costumer's trust. I made mistake when I choose "212 EVO" instead ZALMAN CNPS10X OPTIMA. I need bracket for LGA 775, just give me a link, where I can buy it. Or write me how to find it, name or something how to find it.
  3. I have same problem, I have bought "212 evo" on AMAZON, on screenshot which I attach here, you can see support with LGA 775 exists. But in real it's impossible to mount this cooler to my LGA 775 motherboard. I have mobo ASROCK G41M-VS3. I spend my time, money and resources to buy this fake product? I have bought this cooler because I need it for LGA 775 not for other sockets, so now I must change my PC or try to sell second hand cooler for less price? I need bracket for my LGA 775 mobo, which must existed in the box, but you didn't put it in!!! Give me a link where I can buy it. I thought to buy ZALMAN CNPS10X OPTIMA for same price, but I choose your facke product!!! With COOLER MASTER I waste my time, money and resources!!!!!