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  1. Thanks again for your post, Mohd ! This time, to my surprise and contrary to my previous experience, I was in fact able to execute a request a support ticket without entering a serial number. But shortly after getting a ticket, I did indeed the tag which had fallen off my headset and was able read the serial number, which as shown in the scanned image reproduced below, is SGH2000KWTA11144100027. I didn't apply for a new ticket as I did not want to disturb the ongoing process, but I hope that the information I have provided will prove sufficient and that I will obtain the help I need to get the microphone working again.... Henri
  2. Thanks again for your post, Mohd ! The problem is that I am unable to create a ticket if I don't provide the serial number ; as I understand it, the latter is required for the former. If you know of any way I can apply for a ticket without providing my serial number, please inform.... Henri
  3. Thank you for your kind reply, Mohd Noh ! Alas, I find myself in something of a Catch 22 situation. The options provided for contacting these services, require that I post my serial number, to which I do not have access. That is why I posted to the forum, in the hope that someone either working for support or not, but who might be able to help me deal with this problem will respond. As noted above, I can, if requested to do so, authenticate purchase by posting a copy of my purchase receipt.... Henri
  4. Suddenly the microphone on my CM Ceres 300 headset, which previously worked just as it should, no longer works at all - I've now tested it on three computers, one a desktop running Linux Mint 18.3, and a desktop and laptop, both running Windows 10 v 1709. No problem with the headphones, which work quite well on all these boxes, but I can't get the microphone to work on any of them. I tried to register the product in order to file a ticket, but unfortunately the sticker with the serial number, which seems to have been attached to the back of the volume control, has fallen off, rendering it impossible for me to find that number. I do have, however, a copy of of the purchase receipt, which shows my order number and the retailer's product number - but alas, not the serial number - which I should be happy to upload in order to demonstrate authenticity..... I have note that several other users have posted about the same problem, which doesn't seem to be uncommon for this product ; are there any general recommendations which might help me troubleshoot this situation ? Henri