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  1. No, i did not remove the stock backplate of my tomahawk b350 mobo. i only used the screws and the bracket that they shipped to me and was able to attach the heatsink vertically.
  2. Hi Guys! I would like to thank CoolerMaster for promptly resolving my issue! I received a reply from them last Jan 9 and the bracket was shipped out last Jan 13. I already received the mounting bracket and already installed it! Thanks CM!
  3. I have the exact same problem as posted on this thread! Mine can only be installed horizontally by the use of the included clip (which by the way seems a bit short since it is hard to reach the bracket of mobo). The backplate included in the box is not even compatible, i think the correct one should be the image of the backplate posted by Steve. I already filed a ticket for it. just waiting for their response. I hope they can send one. Here's my ticket#00114322.