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  1. Dave

    Un-resolved Case

    I just went to check my support ticket and it's been deleted... what kind of support is this? I would like to speak with your Office of the President, please.
  2. Dave

    Un-resolved Case

    It has not been over a month since I have heard anything from your support and had to deal with this defective cooler. I do not wish to deal with the so-called "support" on this site anymore, can you please provide me a different support contact as well as the contact for your Office of the President? It has been almost 3 months since I first opened this ticket, I would very much like to speak with your Office of the President regarding the calibre of support provided on this site for their products.
  3. Dave

    Un-resolved Case

    Hi Mohd Dzuid, thank you for your help, however, it seems I'm back to silence after just one reply. I'm not sure what the deal is with the customer service here, it's been well over a month since I've posted my ticket and I've only received one response, Now, it's been weeks again with no reply again. Can you please give me an email address where I can contact someone that will actually help? I've been patient far beyond any reasonable expectation and would really like to get this resolved.
  4. Dave

    Un-resolved Case

    Great support guys, top notch, truly.
  5. Dave

    Un-resolved Case

    Hi, I opened ticket number 00113504 back on December 16th and have not received a response, could someone please get back to me? Thank you!