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  1. Sure, at the moment of building my full pc I noticed that the CPU cooler can only be installed vertical and when I was about to gave up and bought a new cpu cooler I saw this post, I sent my ticket but I didn't have a reply that's when I Mohd Noh delived my ticket himselft and told me to be patient, CM contacted me through message and asked me for my shipping address and and contact phone number, then like after a month cpu brackets arrived so I could finally re-installed it and tested my PC with the system stability test and the heat centigrade went down as supposed ;). Thx again Mohd Noh and CM.
  2. Thank you Mohd Noh for helping me out through the process of this and thank Cooler master as well. I could finally re installed my cooler
  3. I'm still waiting for a reply.... can someone from CM help me out?
  4. i submited my issue ticket but nobody has contacted me yet :/. I'm still waiting for a solution or at least an answer.
  5. To whom it may concern, I have the same problem, my motherboard is ax370 gaming 5 and my cpu is am4. The cpu cooler can only be installed with the coolers up and down (vertical) and I really wish It could be installed horizontal with the coolers to the sides for a better airflow since my case hasn't got an air panel at the top of the case, I wonder if you a bracket so I could re installed it with the coolers to the sides. I'm looking forward to your response. your faithfully. Jordan Alvarez.