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  1. Yes replacement.I don't mean to be rude or anything, but there isn't much communication with coolermaster support.
  2. How long does it usually take?
  3. I have the lite and the fans are really bad also plus missing a pump screw. Contacted CM via email and forum with no reply yet. This is my second cooler (first was the 212 evo) then this masertliquid 240 light. I figured with the reliability of my 212 evo, I would have the same quality with the liquid cooler. I am now thinking I should have gone with the Corsair cooler instead.
  4. I sent in a support ticket several days ago and have gotten no response yet. The 2 120mm fans that came with the masterliquid 240 are loud and one has a vibration that is vibrating my whole case. The loud fans are not due to the air pressure or fan slap. Its more like a grinding motor knock at high speed. The vibration looks to be a unbalanced fan due to poor milling/manufacturing.