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  1. Hello Guys, As it says in the title my CM Masterkeys L white constantly loses connection and it is because of the connection cable in the back of the keyboard. Getting it to connect is more like playing the lottery than anything else I have to plug it in 20 times until everything works. Sometimes it doesn't work sometimes the illumination doesn't work and sometimes it works and I don't really know how to make it work every time. And over time it loses connection again and then I have to try again. Don't really want to send it back as I like the keyboard itself when it works and I hate the hassle of sending it back. If anybody has any advice to make it work consistently I would love that. Regards
  2. Hello, I just bought the CM masterkeys Pro L white. I have several Problems: 1. When I just plugged in the cable in the back of the keyboard and connected it to my PC it wasnt recognized at first I had to play around with the plug a bit and then it started working 2. Now that I can type on it I can't use any of the LED modes. All it does is light up caps lock or the numlock key when they are active. Otherwise when I press for example FN+F1 all it does for me is it opens some windows help site but doesn't do anything for the keyboard itself. I've tried other combinations but it doesn't seem to do anything. Best Regards