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  1. Thanks for the info i will be requesting an RMA too as the noise is still present , very poor quality control by cooler master, not impressed
  2. I've had mine running for 2 days now and its gotten much better, if after a week its not fully gone ill be applying for an RMA or warranty. I have my radiator mounted vertically at the front so the air will collect there once its been purged from the pump.
  3. Hi, Im having the same problem with my materliquid 240, a loud noise from air in the pump, im going to try running it for a couple days and hope it goes away. Very annoying when you get a liquid cooler to be quite. Temp on my 8600k are 22 at idle. sounds like the audio i attached. Voice
  4. Having the same issue with my masterliquid 240, loud noise from the pump because there is air stuck in it. will run it for a few days straight and see. Very annoying after getting a AIO to be quite. Audio Attached of the Noise. Voice