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  1. May I add that this problematic fan does not have "BLUE" color. I tried to use the software to change it to blue, but no matter what color i try, the fan just does not turn blue once.
  2. Hi, Last week I bought a single pack of Masterfan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB, and I liked what I saw. So today, I bought the 3-in-1 Masterfan Pro 120 pack that comes with a RGB controller, to make a total of 4 RGB fans. After I fixed everything correctly and installed the coolermaster software, I started to use the software to control the colors. Then I realised that out of 4 fans, there is always this one (Fan 3) that is always different from the rest of the other 3 fans. The mode and tempo was okay, its just the colour is always wrong. Can you please advise how can I fix this? Thanks. Alex