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  1. Hi Cooler Master, I'm writing this to you, hoping you might use the feedback to improve the mouse (in a new version). And I'm only taking the effort because I really love the shape you made. It's the perfect fit and the placement of the side buttons is perfect too. Great material / coating too. Unfortunately, I wont be able to use this mouse for gaming and I really hope you can fix the following: Negative mouse acceleration (or bad tracking at high speed) When moving the mouse quickly, it moves the cursor less far than when moving it slowly. I guess you implemented the PWM3360 sensor badly? I tried fixing this by using your "mouse pad calibration tool", but it did not help. This was tested @ 800 DPI, 500Hz, Windows 10, modern game (not an oldy wich needs a Windows registry fix). I used the high lift off distance setting (because of added mouse feet). Doing the same test, with the same settings, my Steelseries Sensei 310 does not have any accel at all (which is also PWM3360 based). Terrible mouse feet The mouse slides horribly - too much friction. This is because of the small and thin mouse feet. Thankfully I had some Hyperglides lying around which fixed this. As they dont have the same shape, I had to put them on top of the originals, causing bad tracking. Thanks to your "high lift off distance setting" this was fixed too. No game breakers, but could be better: Placement of the "DPI switch" This is not a game breaker to me, but it would have been better to see this placed below the scroll wheel. I would not be using it as a DPI switch, but to bind to something I have to hit quickly. There is no downside for placing it there, because the fingers dont touch it in a normal grip. Interchangable side panels Like I said, the shape is perfect to me, but the other pair of side panels dont seem to change the shape? I dont notice it at the least. But no problem to me, as I love the standard shape. Mouse cable It's a bit too short! If you could make it about 10 cm longer, that would be great. I like how the braided cable bends. Software loads slowly While having a really fast computer (booting from a Samsung 960) it still takes a few seconds to get the software loaded once Windows 10 is loaded.
  2. please delete this thread (placed it in the general thread about feedback)