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  1. So after getting a 2nd replacement from their rma which I had to pay for the part it burns out a second time on me. Finally after months get ahold of them and was told they discontinued the case. And also told that it's my system or me that is causing the fan controller to fail. First of all who talks to their customers like that. Second how do you not have parts for cases when you know people still have them now i have a broken case that i can't even resell. I asked to speak to somebody else and was told no. No apologize or anything unbelievable customer service. Not offered a secondary case at a discounted price or nothing. I've read several pages with this issue yet they dont even make the part knowing people are having this problem unbelievable. I will not be buying cooler master products this day forward. I was also told I could not talk to any kind of management. This unacceptable to me please can one of your management teams email or inbox to resolve this issue.