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  1. Has anyone had any success fitting the Masterliquid Lite 120 to a 1366 socket with the winged style CPU back plate (please see photo)? It's on an Asus z8na-d6 DP Xeon ATX sized board. The wing design prevents the standard mounting posts from being fitted through the back of the board. One user has managed to find a workaround for a similar problem involving a 1366 and a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+/Evo: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/guide-1356-1366-xeon-aftermarket-heatsink-selection-installation.5003/ I am willing to try a similar approach (different mounting screws/posts that are threaded onto the top of the MB), but I am uncertain as to the exact height above the CPU socket that the mounting posts will have to be in order for the cooler unit to sit properly on top of the CPU. If anyone knows the ultimate height that the mounting posts (marked 'G' in the manual) for the Lite 120 stand above the motherboard once they have also gone through the back mounting bracket (labelled 'B'), I would really appreciate it. Or if someone out there has a better workaround I would be interested to hear. Thanks.