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  1. H500P Mesh Front Panel

    Hi, Will Coolermaster eventually intend to release a mesh Front Panel for the h500P such as the one Gamers Nexus presented? I think it looks as good if not better than the plexiglas frontpanel and it would actually provide very high airflow. If not, I intend to mod it myself. Does someone know where I can find dustproof mesh that I can cut myself to fit it on my own front panel? Thanks!
  2. H500P - Front Fans RGB

    Hey people, Here's the problem: I want a smooth and soothing color cycle like at the demo for my front 200mm fans, but I can't here's why: - The RGB headers are to big to fit inside my commander pro, I don't even think it would be compatible anyway - The only place I can connect the RGB header is my Z370 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. The problem is, the provided software is Mystic Light which has limited features. I can set a rainbow animation, so there will be a color transition but I can't control the speed of those transitions meaning: The RGB goes at 10'000mph and it looks like a 90's disco party. Mystic Light does not provide a color cycle feature either. So now, I'm stuck with just one color with no animation. Does someone have any idea how I can achieve that smooth and soothing color cycle? What kind of tweaking/software/hardware do I need? Thanks for your answers.