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  1. thx for reply ml 240 hasn't made it since the beginning started after some weeks (like 3 weeks)...btw what happens if i stay it like this (it makes the noise once a while like in 2 hours i've heard it 1 time ) ? i mean it is not cooling well the cpu?
  2. Hi there i have the same gurgling noise with my masterliquid 240, It happens time to time though. I was wondering what you mean by "run full speed" do you refer to the water pump speed in the bios, to the fans or both of them? Moreover what do you also mean by reinstalling it totally remove it from the CPU? i think mine should be installed good ..(i have a ryzen 1600 oc to 3900 1.33v and temp is floating between 33 and 44 using firefox ) .Pump is connected to the CPU Fan / Waterpump Fan Connector of the mobo tnk
  3. Hi i would like to know if the liquid cooler Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 is compatible with the case Cooler Master CM690 III. Thanks