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  1. I recently opened my case to clean it and noticed that the insulating tape had fallen off the backplate. I guess this happened due to heat. To my understanding this tape exists only for the AMD sockets, where you install the backplate flipped. I'm assuming that in my case, where I use an intel socket, this insulating tape is useless (it only comes in contact with the backplate and thin air, not the case or the mobo). Am I safe to keep using this rig without the backside insulating tape? Specs ASUS P5E3Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300SSD Hyper 212 Evo8GB Corsair Ram 1333Corsair TX650WAsus Radeon HD 7850 DCUIISamsung 840 EVO 250(6)GBSeagate Baracuda 256GBWindows 7 Ultimate x64