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  1. I have Motherboard Asus Strix Z270F and GPU Asus Strix GTX 1060 and they synced on same color or cycle color with aura sync.. and there fore i buy Masterfan Pro 120 (3 fan), i have follow installation guide.. there are 6 port: 1- USB Port that get USB 1- SATA Power 4- 4 slot (3 for fan, and 1 more i connect to RGB 4-pin in motherboard) but when its start well my Motherboard and GPU are synced by "breathing" color.. but the fan are cycling by it self.. i have try calibration on aura application.. when they ask "which color the strip now? (Red/Green/Blue)", my fan still cycling by it self.
  2. vox can you help me, i have click the calibration but the fan still cycling by it self.. my fan are masterfan pro 120.. and my motherboard Z270F when i open on menu calibration there only these option, when i click next theres checking RGB but the fan still cycling color by it self..