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  1. Hey. So I'm making this in hopes that Cooler Master themselves might see it. I have looked at the options for contacting them on the support page (https://account.coolermaster.com/Modules/eRMA/Member/Support.aspx) but none of them seemed to fit what I needed, so I'm making this thread instead. So as the title says, I need a new I/O panel for my case. This is the case in question: http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/haf-912-plus/ I've looked at the Cooler Master online store, but the exact I/O Panel I need looks to be out of stock: http://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/haf-912-plus-i-o-panel/ I can't find it anywhere else either. What I need to know is, will they ever become available again, or if not is there any other way I can get a replacement? If not, what is compatible from what is available? Thanks.