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  1. Hi Guys, I need your help regarding the horrible CM RMA process, i've been contacting CM support for more than a week asking about updates regrading my RMA but i've got nothing no response at all despite receiving my unit weeks ago yet not a single email. they've already passed the estimated time of sending a replacement... my RMA status is saying "Action Done" can anyone tell me what it means since i'm not getting any help or clarification from them. i'm getting frustrated and this is most likely the last time i'd buy a Cooler Master product. i honestly regret choosing CM over other brands.
  2. Hey guys, This is my first experience with CM's PSUs and probably my last. a started a RMA process after the unexpected failure of my V1000 PSU and after reading about CM's RMA horrors i got worried. CM received my PSU and an email indicating its recipient was sent to me but it has been exactly 10 days since their last update and i was unable to communicate with them regarding it. now i see an update stating "Action Done" on my RMA page but i don't know what that means. can anyone explain it please? Any help is appreciate it. Cheers!