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  1. Hi there. I've recently upgraded to the Master Liquid Pro 280, for cooling my FX 9590. Which i was very happy with, as it runs about 5-7 degrees celsius idle and 45-50 at maximum full load transcoding Plex server with 7 transcodings at the same time. However I've ordered the Ryzen 7, MSI B350 AM4 ATX motherboard and 16 GB 3200 MHz G. Skill Ripjaws. When i realized it might not support the AM4 without the upgradeable AM4 bracket kit? Although on the pictures shows the bracket is included, but I'm still not a 100% sure it will do. Is anyone of you familiar with this and might be able to confirm, that it will be able to fit with no fuss?? Best regards and thanks for taking your time.