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  1. Hello. I need to replace the front 230 mm fan in my HAF X case. It is one of the blue LED varieties. I am not sure if that fan is still available, especially in that colour. I was advised that either the 200 mm Mega Flow or the Storm Force fans would be an okay substitute. I am trying to find those and am having some difficulty. I have found the Mega Flow fans online. But the Storm Force ones are eluding me. I found one link to what might be the Storm Force on Cooler Master's EU store - but considering how long it would take to ship and the cost, I wanted to make sure it was what I was looking for before I bought it. The listing does not mention the actual name of the fan. Here is the link: https://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/200mm-led-fan-on-off/ Right now I am more concerned with the fan fitting in the case and being able to mount or install it. I could use some help. Thanks in advance.
  2. A number of years ago I elected to go with a HAF X case for my PC. I went with the blue LED theme to it. It looks like the red LED is more common. I have two issues with the case. I am trying to find a good replacement fan for the 230 mm front fan. Only seeing red LED variants. Is the fan really a 230 mm one or would a 200 mm one work? The fan looks similar to the Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 mm ones. The fan I have there may be failing; I am having a noise issue with it. Second thing is in regards to the dust filters the case uses. The front fan filter and the bottom PSU filter. I may need to replace them. Does Cooler Master make or sell replacements? I am not sure how small the holes are in them. I think they are something like 0.2 mm. I'm trying to locate dust filter material that is similar enough - both in the size of the holes as well as dimensions.